How to Sell

Preparing Your Park Home For Sale

We have all seen them—haven’t we?

The television is full of property programmes—trying to find properties for people, trying to sell properties for people, doing them up, pulling them down and I for one am addicted!

I’m not alone. These programmes are watched by millions of people, soaking up the tips and tricks of buying and selling and what to look out for.

We check out a property on Google Earth and Google Street View for the desirability of the location, where the shops are and if you are looking for a family park, where the schools are too, all before having picked up the phone to arrange a viewing.

The majority of potential purchasers will do a flyby, in other words they will come to the park and drive or walk around before a viewing and so it is essential that you keep the front of your property looking spic and span at all times.

Kerb appeal is absolutely essential and a great indication as to what your home may be like on the inside too!

We have compiled a ‘prepare your home’ check list to help maximise the price you sell for—we hope you find it useful.

Starting with the garden and entrance

  • Mow the lawns and trim the borders.
  • Trim any hedges and shrubs. Check for any dead growth in trees and arrange to have these removed. You will need the Park Owner’s permission for this.
  • Remove any weeds from the flowerbeds, or cracks in the footpaths etc.
  • Make sure there is colour in your garden and if needs be, purchase a few flowering plants to make your plot look attractive and cheerful.
  • If you have dogs and allow them to run loose in your garden, do a ‘poo patrol’ every day!
  • Wash your driveway, footpaths, patios or decking.
  • Tidy and clean the greenhouse.
  • Does your shed and/or fencing need a good coat of wood stain?
  • If you have a garden gate—does it need a paint?
  • Put away all garden equipment, bikes and the grandchildren’s toys!
  • Arrange your garden furniture tidily and unless it is raining, open the garden parasol to create the lifestyle

The exterior of your home

  • Inspect all the outside of your home, including the gutters, downpipes
  • When was it last painted? If your home is under 10 years old and still under warranty, you may be asked to prove that you have regularly painted your home and when.
  • If you ill-advisedly have shrubs growing against your external walls, check behind to make sure there is no damp and if needs be, cut them back.
  • Clean those little things like your home number and doorbell.
  • Replace that worn out old doormat!
  • Install potted plants or hanging baskets if you have enough room.
  • Are all external light fittings working, if not, replace the bulbs. Your future viewers may do a flyby in the evening.
  • Ensure your windows are always clean, bright and shiny.
  • Is your garage clean and tidy? No? A prospective buyer will like to judge whether it is a suitable size for their car.

The interior of your home

Thoroughly Clean Your Entire Home

  • Clean all the windows, window frames and blinds.
  • Check your carpets—are there any stains? If there are, either hire a carpet shampooer or hire a professional carpet cleaner. For what it costs in relation to what you want for your home, they may not be as expensive as you think. Dirty carpets are a complete turnoff to a prospective purchaser!
  • Clean any vinyl or tiled floors.
  • If you have pets, be sure to remove any pet odour and if you smoke, any smoke odour. If in doubt ask a non-smoking neighbour without pets to check for you. Smell is a major part of what a buyer will remember about your home.
  • Neutral colours will allow buyers to envisage their furnishings in your home. Is your home decorated in neutral colours, or did you let loose with the rainbow at some stage!? You did? Oh dear, be a good idea to get painting then!
  • The same colour carpet throughout the home will make it seem larger, or at the very least the size it is supposed to be. Different coloured floral or patterned carpet, may hide the odd stain, but will make your home appear much smaller than it really is.
  • Remove and pack away as many photographs and ornaments as you can and give your home that minimalist feel.
  • Re-arrange your furniture to give the room an open feel and store any unnecessary or over- sized furniture.
  • Are your walls hidden by photographs, prints or paintings? Remove as many as you can.
  • Are book shelves stacked neatly and dust free?
  • Keep a window open as often as you can and place fresh flowers throughout the home.

Kitchen and bathrooms

  • Thoroughly clean all counter tops, cupboards, appliances, oven, hob, microwave, fridge and sink in the kitchen. Clear and store away as much as you can off the counter top.
  • If you have a dishwasher, you can purchase special cleaners which work by running a wash. Then hook on to the shelf a dishwasher air freshener. Much better when the prospective buyer opens the dishwasher to smell the fresh smell of lemons, than last night’s washing up!
  • Clean extractor fan hood.
  • Clean the grouting in between the tiles.
  • In the bathrooms, thoroughly clean the toilets, bath tubs, mirrors, hand basins and wash the shower walls. If you have a shower curtain—has it seen better days and become a little stained? Replace it, preferably with a plain white one to make the bathroom seem larger.
  • Clean the extractor fan.

And finally, pay attention to the little things

  • Tighten any loose door knobs
  • Clean all the wall mounted light switches
  • Fix any leaky taps
  • Tighten any loose towel rails
  • Oil any squeaky doors and drawers
  • Fix any squeaky floors

This list has been compiled to help you achieve the highest price for your home.

The majority of purchasers will access the amount of work that needs to be done on a home and make an offer accordingly.

And finally — to avoid losing a buyer because of something found in a survey; why not have a survey done yourself and get any problems fixed beforehand?